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Our Story

Sultana Style was born out of a passion for history, arts, and fashion. Our designer, Sultana, was born in one of the oldest cities of the world, Damascus, and was surrounded by ancient Damascene buildings, beautifully decorated with columns, turquoise patterns, and fountains centered in lush greenery, adding a unique and very colorful and peaceful feel. When Sultana moved to London, she roamed its ancient streets and has been impressed with its magnificent Gothic monuments. She also fell in love with the breathtaking palaces of Spain and their stunning geometric patterns, wise quotes, and classic poetry, crafted on their walls in various Arabic calligraphy scripts. Not to mention, the elegant buildings of Vienna and the fascinating symmetric patterns of Greek archaeology. Sultana understood that symmetric patterns, harmonious colors, and wise quotes are the common factor that conspired to bring charm to those places. Sultana has always worn her passion on her sleeves and was persistently searching for attire that expresses her personality and passion for history and arts. Therefore, she decided to put all her creative thoughts and colorful vision in a casual yet elegant fashion style that she welcomes you to share.